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Welcome to my portfolio site and thank you for taking the time to check my work out. 

I am a creative known to wear many hats, though I primarily focus on Photography & Video. I occasionally do work in design for certain clients, work live AV events, and I have a strong IT background. I've been working in the creative sector for 15 years now, doing everything from documentaries, weddings, and even music videos. I love travel photography, taking portraits, and fine art photography. I enjoy the road less traveled and exploring the hidden gems of the world. My role models include Rodney Smith, Simon Sinek, and Vincent van Gogh.

For the last 5 years, I have been focusing on corporate clients, creating  training videos and other materials. Most Recently, for a software company that makes restaurant management software.  I also worked for a PEO within their Sales Enablement team as an AV and Tech Guru, although I was nicknamed "MacGyver". I assisted with building curriculum, designed playbooks, training videos and podcasts, moderated virtual trainings and took beautiful head shots for new Sales Reps. I supported the team, the presenters, and the entire sales department.

Hire Me

The corporate world needs creatives. You might too. I’m looking for a company I can believe in- an opportunity where I can make an impact, while continuing to cultivate my talents in a creative, constructive environment. I want to work hard, dig my fingers in, and get passionate about a project. 

I'm proficient in: 

Adobe products (Ps, Pr, Lr, In, IL)

Microsoft products and operating systems

Live Video Streaming & On-Demand

Photography & Photo Editing

Web Design

Print Design

Video Portfolio

Afischl Clothing Company - Small boutique clothing line based in the Carolinas, with aquatic themed style. The company has since closed it's doors, but I just love this video. 

Xenial LMS Hype Video - For the 2019 User Conference, Xenial wanted to show off the LMS they were developing for end user training. Shown live at conference.  Music is Licensed. 

Xenial Learning Video - This is one of many videos done for Xenial. This video has been added as a sample of Voice Over work I've done. 

Valius Music Video - Rebel Yell. This live concert was filmed in 2018 in Chicago, as a result of this and other videos done from this concert, the band has seen a surge in bookings around the greater Chicago area. 

Bomaye Music Video - This song was Evander Holyfield's fight song for his last few fights. This music video was created leading up to his fight in 2008.

5th Annual Style Exhibition - 3 Day Fashion show in Columbia, SC

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